Team Up for Your Child 2nd Revised Edition
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  • NEW 2012 revised edition! 

  • The "road map" parents need to get better services for children with autism, ADHD, psychiatric and developmental disorders
  • Created by a a special needs parent in consultation with 23 health and education professionals.
  • Easy charts and worksheets break down an overwhelming process into tasks a busy parent can handle.


“Wendy Lowe Besmann has done a terrific job of translating relevant laws and professional jargon into easy to understand terms and processes Team Up for Your Child is a user-friendly guide for parents who must navigate school and mental health systems to make sure their child is receiving the best possible services.”

--Teri Brister, Ph.D., LPC Director, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Programs for Young Families

"Team Up helps parents and other caregivers steer a course toward help and support."

--Sita Diehl, Director, State Policy & Advocacy, NAMI

--“Team Up For Your Child showed me how to efficiently and

effectively get services and support for my two special needs

children. I recommend this book to anyone trying to get through
the medical, educational, insurance and governmental maze.”
–Holli Buss, parent, Clinton, Michigan

“I wish that I had had this book when my son was first diagnosed and I will keep it with me for the rest of our odyssey.”

~Patricia Powell, parent, Birmingham, Alabama

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Team Up for Your Child 2nd Revised Edition

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