Young Adult Road Map Guide and Activities Booklet
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Young Adult Road Map: A Step-By-Step Guide to Wellness, Independent Living, and Transition Services for People in Their Teens and Twenties

Young Adult Road Map is a practical, step-by-step guide and curriculum designed to enable strategic thinking by young adults facing complicated life challenges (such as autism spectrum, ADD/ADHD, psychiatric, substance abuse, or other behavioral, developmental or special health needs). A five-point Guiding Star method enables young adults to break down life's big messy situations into manageable tasks, find information that really matters to their needs, and build relationships that lead to support for everyday life.  Review points at the end of each chapter are designed for use in classroom, support group, therapeutic, and case management environments.  An accompanying 16-page Activities Booklet contains simple, step-by-step worksheets or learning games to be used with each chapter. Key vocabulary words emphasized in each chapter are also listed in an extensive glossary. (Certified Coach Training, which includes additional activities and a full Lesson Plan, is available through Family Road Map Institute, creator of Young Adult Road Map. )

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Young Adult Road Map Guide and Activities Booklet

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